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The Thrive Mama Postpartum Care Kit combines clean, vegan postpartum products with the education that helps Mamas thrive✨

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Thrive Mama

Combining clean, vegan postpartum products with the education that helps Moms thrive in postpartum life.

Our hospital bag and nursery were fully stocked for our daughter, but I overlooked my own needs. I aimlessly searched... Every blog said something different. The Thrive Mama Postpartum Care Kit took the stress away. Everything I needed was there, and boy did I need these products!

Kaitie | Charlotte's Mama

The Thrive Mama Postpartum Care Kit is such a fun and practical gift to share with an expectant new mom!

Brittney | Everett & Lily's Mama

I received the Thrive Mama Postpartum Care Kit at my baby shower it was such a great present! It had all the necessities I needed - I actually brought the kit with me to the hospital!

Claudia | Isla's Mama

I received such great feedback after gifting the Thrive Mama Postpartum Care Kit to a first-time Mom that it quickly became my new go-to gift for baby showers!

Meghan | A really great friend

I was so excited about this kit - the packaging makes it feel like a spa item! Not only was it practical and pretty, but the book was informative for me even as a second time Mom!

Jessica | Henry & Izzy's Mama