Our Story

Canadian-made by two moms who have been there.

One Tough Mother was born from the belief that it's absolutely possible to thrive once baby arrives.

In 2017 I had my first baby and the postpartum period was such a struggle. I remember calling my Mom, sobbing, because I didn't have what I needed for my recovery. Worst of all, I had no idea about the physical and emotional challenges that were coming.

That we don't discuss the reality of birth with our sisters, friends, nieces - even our own daughters... It's such a disservice to pregnant people everywhere.

Together with Allison Farrance, One Tough Mother co-founder and full spectrum doula/childbirth educator, we're on a mission to change the way we prepare for postpartum life.

We believe it begins by arming pregnant people with the resources and education they need before they get there.

Starting in pregnancy, let's change the narrative from diaper cakes to empowerment.

Kristine Sostar McLellan, Co-founder