What comes with the kit?

The kit contents are the result of months spent asking Moms - expecting, first time, Moms of eight! - about their must-have items for postpartum recovery:

Thrive Mama Nipple Balm; Thrive Mama Perineal Spray; Thrive Mama Bath Tea; disposable and reusable nursing pads; peri bottle; hospital grade mesh underwear; maxi pads; reusable straw; and every kit includes the Thrive Mama Postpartum Book.

What's the Thrive Mama Postpartum Book all about?

Based on the result of the input from hundreds of Moms, the goal was to provide as comprehensive a resource for Mamas as possible. Far and wide we heard that what Moms really wish they had was more information as they enter this phase of motherhood.

It's not enough to just say, hey, here's a nipple cream. Mamas need to know WHY they might need it!

The Thrive Mama Postpartum Book provides practical information that will help new Mamas navigate pregnancy, birth and that early postpartum period.

Who is the Postpartum Survival Kit for?

This kit is for any expecting Mama, and it's the perfect baby shower gift! Most products in the kit are for use immediately after baby is born, but the information the kit provides will be invaluable for a mama-to-be ahead of time.

I'm thinking of buying this for a pregnant friend. When is the right time?

The kit is packaged to be suitable as a baby shower gift, but any time in the months leading up to your friend's due date is great. Your friend will get the most from this kit if she has it at least a month before baby arrives, as the book provides detailed information about different birthing options.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping of the Postpartum Survival Kit is always free within Canada. For orders on individual products that do not meet a $55 minimum, shipping costs are calculated at checkout via Canada Post rates.

I live in Vancouver. Can I just pick up the package myself?

Sure! Send an email to info@imonetoughmother.com and we'd be happy to work something out!

I'd like to order multiple kits. Can I get a discount for bulk requests?

One Tough Mother does not have a formal bulk discount, but we're committed to spreading the love! Please reach out to info@imonetoughmother.com to chat more.

Does One Tough Mother provide medical advice?

Nope, not a doctor! One Tough Mother provides mamas-to-be with information about the postpartum experience and motherhood, but we are not health care professionals nor can we speak for all mothers. Please consult with a medical professional if you have any health concerns, or before using any contents of the kit for your postpartum care.

I think my product would be a great addition to your kit.

Great! We'd love to hear from you. Please email info@imonetoughmother.com.