Postpartum Survival Kit

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Welcome to the club, Mamacita! Thanks to your bump, the journey has already begun. The items in this kit are going to help you thrive before, during and especially after birth.

What's included:

• One Tough Mother eBook (download code)

The One Tough Mother eBook provides practical information that will help you understand everything from prenatal course options and whether a doula might be right for you, to how EI works and where the best local Mama and baby hang outs are. With useful checklists and real life Mama experiences, this eBook will leave you feeling more prepared to enter motherhood.

• Disposable Nursing Pads (4 sets)

• Reusable Nursing Pads (1 set)

• Heavy Pads (12)

• Witch Hazel

• Peri Bottle

• Hospital Grade Mesh Underwear (3 pairs)

• Nipple Cream

• Ibuprofen

• Stool Softener

• Snack

• Epsom Salts




[Photo Credit: Reviewed by Spacey]