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How to make the BEST padsicle for postpartum recovery!

How to make the BEST padsicle for postpartum recovery!

First things first: raise your hand if you know what a Padsicle is!

Before having my first baby I had no idea. I was shocked by how swollen and painful everything was and totally not prepared with the tools necessary to help with postpartum healing.

We want a different experience for you!

So first, what is a Padsicle?

A padsicle is a thick pad that has been soaked and then chilled in the freezer, designed to help with postpartum recovery.

After a vaginal delivery, you place them in your underwear to help promote healing and reduce pain. 

It also matters what you spray on a padsicle -- water is not enough! You want to use an alcohol-free witch hazel along with herbs that promote healing.

When should I make a padsicle?

We recommend making about 3-5 padsicles before you give birth, that way they are ready for you right when you need them!

Won't it melt kind of... funny?

That's why it's so important to think about what you are spraying on the padsicle! For example, you can use a generous amount of our Thrive Mama Perineal Spray to achieve the perfect, non-melty padsicle.

Here's the How-To for Making THE BEST PADSICLE (and it's so simple!):

  1. Wash your hands and grab your soothing, cooling, healing and alcohol-free Perineal Spray, some extra absorbent sanitary pads, and resealable baggies.

  2. Spray generously across the sanitary pad. While every woman's postpartum bleeding will vary, our Postpartum Care Kit includes the hospital grade pads that are best for ensuring you aren't needing to change your pads as often.

  3. Fold and place into a baggy, then place into the freezer so it’s ready for you immediately post-baby

It's actually THAT easy, but it is an absolutely game-changer for postpartum recovery!


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