The cover of The Ultimate Postpartum Handbook. Subtitle says: The easiest way for expecting Moms to prepare for postpartum life. The text running along the bottom says: everything you didn't know you needed to know
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The Ultimate Postpartum Handbook

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The easiest way for expecting Moms to prepare for postpartum life


"Why didn't anyone tell me..." We're on a mission to make sure no Mom ever asks this again. We asked 10 incredible pregnancy and postpartum experts to provide an overview of everything you didn't know you needed to know about postpartum life.

In addition to the experts, this visual and easy-to-read guide includes advice from real Moms, concrete tips and tricks, and checklists in every chapter to help you really prepare for the fourth trimester.

The eBook covers:

  • What to expect in those first postpartum days with One Tough Mother Co-founder and Full Spectrum Doula, Allison Farrance.

  • Postpartum recovery and healing with Dr. Zehra Gerretsen, Chiropractor, Maple Ridge Wellness Centre.

  • Breastfeeding-need-knows with Roxanna Farnsworth, IBCLC-certified lactation consultant and owner of A Conscious Beginning.

  • How to use your car seat correctly with CPSAC-certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Caitlyn Harcus.

  • The fundamentals of infant sleep with Infant Sleep Educator Tracey Carolan of Ridge Meadows Doula Services.

  • All about perinatal mental health with Jennifer Delmaire, founder of The Motherhood Project.
  • How to meet your postpartum nutrition needs with Registered Holistic Nutritionist Lindsey Shields, and Founder of Holi Happy.


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