Breastfeeding Bundle

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Breastfeeding Bundle

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Because Breastfeeding Shouldn't Be a Pain

From nipple pain to leaking, breastfeeding or chestfeeding can be challenging. Prep yourself with everything you need for a better experience feeding your baby. Stock your nursing caddy with our all natural products.

Why Do Parents Love This Product?

  • Nipple Balm is made from certified organic and vegan ingredients.

  • Formulated to alleviate latching or pumping pain.

  • Includes a complimentary guide to set new parents up for success.

  • Handcrafted and sustainably packed – no wasteful packaging.

What Comes in This Set?

This bundle preps you with everything you need for a better experience if you are choosing and able to breastfeed or chestfeed:

1) 2 x Nipple Balm is critical, because often we overlook the basics we need for a comfortable journey into feeding. This balm soothes the pain that often comes from the early days of latching or pumping.

2) Highly absorbent and super soft, Reusable Nursing Pads are a critical part of your breastfeeding (or chestfeeding) arsenal. 

3) Disposable Nursing Pads are perfect for those early days when milk first comes in, and on the go. Toss these into the compost when done!

4)  The Postpartum Handbook is included free. Being prepared for life after baby is born plays a critical role in combating postpartum depression. We believe in helping new parents in a truly holistic way.

Sending a gift?

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When is the Right Time to Purchase?

This box set is great for anyone who is preparing for or currently on their feeding journey. This makes a great gift for an expecting or new mom or parent.