Hosting a Modern Baby Shower: Which traditions to keep and what to ditch

how to host a modern baby shower

Over here, baby showers are like the super bowl. If we, you know, cared about football... 

The arrival of a baby is a joyous occasion that deserves to be celebrated with friends and family, and baby showers have long been a cherished tradition.

But as times change, so does our approach to hosting these kinds of events. Let's look at what lasts the test of time, as well as shine a light on what's become less important for baby showers today:

What's in: honouring the person who is about to give birth!

You knew we were going to say it... But of course: don't forget to centre the mom or expecting parent! Yes, bring some cute onesies. Yes, gift that diaper cake (because they will soon need an obscene amount of diapers).

But also give them the gifts that are actually for their own well-being. There are so many creative, out-of-box ways we can set up new parents for success once their baby arrives.

And of course, we always recommend giving the gift of a better postpartum healing journey with our Postpartum Care Kit – it has everything they need for a better healing and breast/chest-feeding experience.

What's out: bad baby shower games

There's nothing inherently wrong with baby shower games. In fact, they can be a great way to encourage mingling and break the ice – especially if guests are not all familiar with each other.

But we recommend staying away from any games that may feel outdated or be uncomfortable for some attendees. And I'm just going to say it. Let's stop doing that weird Dirty Diaper Tasting Game. Ick.

What's in: embracing inclusivity

We're seeing more baby showers that include both mom and dad, which is awesome. The more real we can make this for the parent who isn't gestating the child (whether they're "dad" or not), the better.

It can also be nice to host a gender-neutral baby shower, allowing parents to celebrate their little one without conforming to traditional gender norms. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating the arrival of baby boy or girl, but consider what the parents would prefer first!

What's out: stressing yourself out or overspending

Seriously, offering to host someone's baby shower is an amazing gesture of love. As long as you're thinking about what would make them feel special, there's no need to stress yourself out trying to make the day "perfect."

Personalized touches that nod to who they are as an individual mean so much more than an extravagant flower arrangement that has you sweating buckets when you check your bank statement.

What's in: interactive activities with purpose

Consider incorporating activities that have a purpose and leave a lasting impact. For example, guests could create a collaborative artwork for the nursery or participate in a charitable project related to children or families in need.

Promoting a sense of togetherness is actually such a nice way to start off the new parents journey. Show them that the village will show up!

What's out: anything you feel you have to do – but don't want to.

Seriously, there are no more rules or expectations or "decorum". The best approach to planning a baby shower is to have fun with it and really consider the guests and the guest of honour.

Start by thinking of a theme that captures their essence and get creative. It's the personalized touches that make events like this more special, anyway.

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