Perineal Spray

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Perineal Spray

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Instant relief in a bottle!

Peri spray is the secret weapon we wish someone had told us about… So we’re gonna shout it from the rooftops! Soothe perineal pain and promote postpartum healing with our vegan and paraben-free Perineal Spray. It makes a great addition to your hospital bag and is perfect for those first weeks at home – it’s also the ideal base for padsicles. 

Why Parents Love this Product

  • A natural soothing remedy for sore and tender perineal tissue.
  • Eases the discomfort experienced after perineal tears.
  • This natural herbal remedy has an alcohol-free witch hazel base. That’s key.
  • Infused with plant-based extracts that enhance its cooling properties. 
  • A natural solution for swelling reduction on your healing journey.
  • Ingredients are ideal for hemorrhoid relief and can be used in pregnancy as well.

Why It Works

  • Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel: reduces inflammation, soothes pain and promotes healing.
  • Lavender: promotes healing and relieves perineal pain.
  • Chamomile: soothes irritated or inflamed tissue.

How to Use this Perineal Spray

  • Spray gentle mist on the perineal area after vaginal birth as needed; no rinse required.
  • Hot tip: use this spray to prepare padsicles in advance of your birthing time. For a step by step, check out our padsicle recipe here (this simple postpartum hack is a must!).

Ingredients List

  • Alcohol-free witch hazel, lavender floral water, chamomile floral water
  • Hamamélis sans alcool, eau florale de lavande, eau florale de camomille