Get the Perfect Gift

Skip the cute onesie and get the gift that's actually for the birthing person.

So many people struggle after giving birth – and it's largely because they had no idea what to expect. But together, with you, we're on a mission to change the narrative.

When you send one of our sustainably-packed gift boxes, you're giving the gift of an empowered and prepared entry into parenthood.

Our products are made from all natural, plant-based ingredients and are hand-crafted for the best postpartum recovery. But high-quality recovery products are just the first step.

We believe in a holistic approach that also provides the educational resources that are so often lacking. That's why The Ultimate Postpartum Handbook comes FREE with all orders, and all orders come in a gift box.*

And for those who like to customize (we see you), check out our Build a Kit option!

*the download key will be added into your box