Top three tips to combat nausea or constipation brought on by prenatal vitamins.

Top three tips to combat nausea or constipation brought on by prenatal vitamins.

When we picture being pregnant, we imagine growing a cute bump, decorating a nursery, and eating ALL the things with impunity, not... being unable to poop for days. 

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons including your personal hormonal levels and precious bodily real estate being taken up by a growing human, nausea and constipation are both very common pregnancy symptoms. 

Were you wondering what was going on? 😳

Did you know that it could be your prenatal vitamins contributing to making you feel sick or uncomfortable? For when that’s the case, here are some things you can do to try to manage or reduce these unpleasant symptoms: 

The simplest way to combat nausea? Switch your prenatal vitamin.

This one's so simple when it works! If prenatal vitamins are the cause of your constipation or nausea, it's usually because of their iron levels. Sometimes switching to a different brand can solve the issue, or some pregnant people find that going from pill to liquid form can be the fix. Talk to your care provider about sourcing an option with iron levels that work best for your body.

Preemptively fight against nausea by not skipping meals

This can be challenging when you’re feeling unwell and the last thing you want to do is eat, but taking prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach can absolutely contribute to more nausea. Yeah, it feels like a bit of a lose/lose. We've been there.

Also, make sure to consume lots of water and foods that are rich in fibre – that never hurts but it's especially important now.

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Take your prenatal vitamins at night

Taking your prenatal vitamins at night (and on a full stomach) is a great strategy if your symptoms continue to persist. What it comes down to is that you won't be suffering through the nausea because, well, you're asleep. Not perfect, but a super helpful hack when nothing else helps.

The takeaway on supplements and these unpleasant pregnancy symptoms?

Um, that constipation and nausea suck? Yup, that’s sure true. So try these methods as a first step but remember: if your symptoms persist or you begin to feel worried, don't hesitate to reach out to your primary caregiver. We're conditioned to believe that pain and discomfort are "part of pregnancy" and that we should just tolerate these things, but that's not true. You deserve a heck of a lot better.

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