Five ways to deal with difficulty sleeping while pregnant (ugh, the worst!)

Five ways to deal with difficulty sleeping while pregnant (ugh, the worst!)

Sleep may be getting a little... uncomfortable.

On top of that, you've probably heard by now about the recommendation to avoid sleeping on your back... It's kind of cruel to take away a whole sleep position when sleep is already becoming challenging.

(This article breaks down why this recommendation exists and just how dangerous sleeping on your back really is.)

But what you really need to know ASAP is how the heck to get more comfortable and sleep better! Here are our top tips to get more comfortable sleep as pregnancy progresses:

Use ALL of the pillows to make your pregnancy nest

One Tough Mother co-founder Allison literally used all the pillows to make a nest for herself, sleeping at an angle with her legs tucked into a frog position. Hey –whatever works! Just catch those Z’s however you can.

Time for your partner to take one for the pregnancy team

You are growing a human, and it is hard work that you can’t just take a break from. If your living space allows, talk to your partner about sleeping on the couch or spare room bed occasionally so you can have the space you need to get comfortable and get the rest you need to have a healthy pregnancy.

And no, it’s not mean to ask for this. Parenting is an all hands on deck endeavour and this is simply the beginning of what being a supportive partner can look like.


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Invest in a proper maternity pillow

If you want a more “plug and play” option than a pillow nest, maternity pillows are a God’s send. These can not only help you get comfortable with side sleeping, but just get comfortable in general. I think I may have loved it more than my husband at one point while pregnant…

Try a pregnancy wedge

If you’re not into the full bed maternity pillow, or you don’t have a lot of storage space, a pregnancy wedge is a great option, too. This allows you to get more comfortable on your side by helping to alleviate the weight of your growing belly. 

Wind down before bed

All the same winding down techniques you would use even if not pregnant still apply: reduce screen time an hour or two before bed, keep the lights low, engage in stretching or meditation. These practices are always helpful but now you’re dealing with different hormones, possibly feeling anxiety. Calming down your nervous system key.

At the end of the end of the day, sleep in pregnancy can be one of those challenging things, and yes, we agree: it's super annoying when someone tells you to "sleep before baby gets here" if you're struggling.

But know that you aren't alone in the sleep struggle, we've all been there – and most important? The struggle will end!

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