What foods can pregnant people eat and what's really off limits?

What foods can pregnant people eat and what's really off limits?

You've been avoiding everything on the "do not eat" list for quite awhile now and honestly? Yes, it may only technically be for a few months but it sucks! We feel you.

So we come bearing good news. A lot of what you see out there telling you what you can't have... It's not totally true.

Here's our break down of three of the most coveted-while-pregnant goodies, and where the research stands:

Is coffee okay to consume while pregnant?

This is a pretty darn big one. We've got some good news: After becoming pregnant, most people continue to consume caffeine, and in small amounts that is generally safe for you and your baby.

Talk to your primary caregiver about what's right for you, but 300 mg of caffeine – or about two cups of coffee – is typically considered fine. You'll also want to consider how caffeine makes you feel. It can make you need to pee more often (like you need that) and interfere with sleep (you really don't need that).

But bottom line with coffee? This is one of life's pleasure's that you don't always need to be deprived of.

What cheeses are (or aren't) okay during pregnancy and why?

Whether hard or soft, the safest bet with cheese, and dairy products in general, is to stick with pasteurized. What you're trying to avoid is contracting any food borne illness, like listeria, which can cause illness in both you and your baby.

While pasteurization is not absolutely fool proof, your biggest risk lies with cheeses like blue, which are mould-ripened. So which cheeses should be fine? Processed, cottage, cream, and pasteurized hard cheeses.

Oh? And cheesecake. Yup, that's generally all good, too.


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Can I keep eating seafood while pregnant?

In general, the formal recommendation is that seafood is okay as long as it reaches an internal temperature of 74 °C (165 °F). The real issue to consider is your mercury intake.

But a lot of people have also been given the green light to eat high quality, sushi-grade raw fish. We can't tell you, specifically, that this is fine. But if you're missing sushi, talk to your care provider!

This goes for all foods in pregnancy. There is no definitive list of right and wrong, and there isn't 100% agreement on, well, basically anything. You are unique, and your care provider's perspective will be, too.

Bottom line on which foods are safe to consume during pregnancy?

Don't assume that you have to be miserable for nine months, missing out on your favourite things. It's not black and white. If you're craving something but don't think it's safe, do the research, talk to your care provider, and ultimately, you make the choice that's right for you.

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