Why Do People Get Different Recommendations on Pregnancy + Alcohol?

Why Do People Get Different Recommendations on Pregnancy + Alcohol?

Ever wonder why some people are told that a glass of wine here and there is okay, while others are told not to have even a sip?

Fact is, there’s no known amount of alcohol that’s safe in pregnancy.

That's because there's no way to ethically study it. But there also isn’t evidence to show one glass of wine causes fetal alcohol syndrome.

So let’s get real.

We’re not here to tell you, yes have a glass or, no don’t – and we don’t judge your choices, either. What we do side eye is when health care practitioners don't provide their patients with all the information.

Because that discrepancy in advice? It probably has to do with your practitioner's biases. Your age, race, socio-economic background and even education level may play a role in how you’re treated and what you’re told.

Alcohol is the most extreme example but it’s not the exception. This goes for almost every decision: cheese, back sleep, late term ultrasounds… If you’re getting a simple yes or no directive, that’s not good enough.

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It’s like real information about pregnancy is kept out of our reach as if we can’t handle it.

So many resources talk down to us: don't do this, don't eat that. Can we not be trusted to make our own decisions about camembert?

If you think that's bullshit, then you're in the right place because over here, we never do that. We know you deserve the whole picture and that everyone's choices will be different.

That's why we dig deeper for you.

We'll give you the straight talk or recommend the best resource. For example, if you’re pregnant, you must read Expecting Better – right now!

Emily Oster, a statistician and mom of two, wrote this must-read book that examines pregnancy "common knowledge". 

Diving into global studies, she draws interesting, evidence-based conclusions on the questions we’re all wondering – and it's not always what you'd think.

The best part? She doesn’t assume you can’t handle it.

At the end of the day, the conversation around alcohol and pregnancy is filled with opinions and anecdotes. It’s complicated.

You’ll have to talk with your care practitioner to get a tailored answer for you. 

Just know that someone else will surely get a different one... So if you're ever left wondering why you were told something, you have a right to know more.

We believe you have every right to challenge the status quo and demand more from your resources. 

You deserve the whole picture in every situation from now to birth, and every day after that. That's our promise to you, and that's why we do here.

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