Stephanie's Real Mom Experience: A Small, Simple Kindness Can be the Difference for a New Mom

During my mat leave, I took the kids out a lot, I hated being home all day. ⁣

One day when I was loading them into the car, this little old man who lives across the street from me slowly waddled over. I never saw this man, if I hadn’t been home on leave, I might not have even known he lived there. When he reached me, I smiled but sort of kept my head down, buckling in the car seats. ⁣

Out of nowhere, he started telling me he saw me with my kids all the time, and he told me I was a good mom. He said he saw my husband all the time too, what a hard working man. He told me we both took such good care of the kids, what beautiful children, the little one is almost walking now. ⁣

I could picture him alone in his house, watching us from his window, coming and going, hustling, frantic, happy, stressed. I was so touched that he walked over to tell me he thought I was doing a good job. ⁣

New moms are hit so suddenly with a heavy workload, and very few people stop to tell us they see us. It was unusually kind, and will stay with me forever.

Stephanie Bertuzzo of @shopfafita

Fafita is digital print business run by a Toronto Mom of two. She offers what might be the simplest way to buy beautiful, original art: buy a print, receive a high res image in your inbox instantly. Done. And her captions are somehow both heartbreaking and hilarious. Like, often at the same time. This is a woman you need to be following for the IG stories alone — her wit is unparalleled, the real motherhood is a must.⁣

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