It's Our Birthday: One Tough Mother Relaunches!

We’re a Vancouver small business with a simple mission: helping Mamas thrive.

For the last year it’s been a dream to do this. Our next dream was to do it in a way that’s worthy of our planet and our ethics.

This post was supposed to be about the journey to producing a clean and vegan line because, months ago, I didn’t think a global pandemic would be at the forefront of my mind.

But like most of us, in the past weeks I’ve been anxious, and as an extrovert, kind of lonely. As instances of the coronavirus have grown in Canada, I’ve tossed and turned on whether to even launch. My heart breaks as I see amazing, local businesses close. It’s hard to celebrate.

So I had to step back and ask myself, is there any reason why it is irresponsible to launch? No.

Are the people and partners I’m working with comfortable? Everyone has been supportive.

And, as a small business, what are the costs of launching or waiting?

It’s not that I got to a point of complete ease, but with the answers that emerged, I began to feel the universe say, “go".

Because the world continues to spin. No one feels that more than pregnant Mamas.

Last week I stopped to really think of what they’re feeling and I broke down crying. Less than a year ago that was me. I didn’t realize how much I was trying not to think about that as I build a business committed to helping this demographic.

I’m guided by a desire to bring a product Into the world that will help women be well in the postpartum — a period that has been so unbelievably underserved.

To feel truly loved and cared for during this time means everything.

I hope that as baby showers are cancelled; as new mothers are no longer able to have grandparents come hold their babies so they can get one second of sleep; and, as social isolation means friends can’t stop by to clean up and fold that pile of laundry… we can still find ways to show new Mamas how much they are loved.

I hope this kit, and these products, can be part of that.

And I promise we are working on some great things for the coming months to help new Mamas as they navigate new motherhood in this unimaginable context.

You are always at the heart of what we do.


Kristine Sostar McLellan, Co-founder

We're your doula and best friend in one holistic kit. We combine clean, vegan postpartum products with the education that helps Mamas thrive. Get your Thrive Mama Postpartum Care Kit today.

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