Going bald: what every postpartum woman needs to feel like “herself” again. 🤣⁣

Postpartum hair loss is a very real thing. And I had no idea before I had my first kid. I think this falls into the category of things we just don’t talk about until it’s happening. But we should.⁣

Now, currently at five months pp for the second time, every shower is like a massacre. A friend of mine *gasped* at the first photo photo ☝🏻 😱 🤣⁣

The first time around, the main casualty was my self esteem. I had no idea this was coming. This time, honestly, as silly as it sounds, I got bangs cut at the first sign of hair loss.⁣

Step one was just having the information: a lot of your hair will probably fall out after having a baby. ⁣

But this time, the second step was to do something that made me feel good about me. Getting a preemptive haircut helped a lot.⁣

We need to be sharing so So SOOOO much more of the unglamorous parts of pregnancy and postpartum. ⁣

The honesty, I promise to do (I spent a lot of time thinking about FaceTuning my arm in this pic but ultimately I decided I’m not going to do that. Ever. On this feed. More on that to come...).⁣

And we, as Mamas, need to bring ourselves to the front of the line. I went 11 months without a haircut after my daughter was born. I genuinely didn’t even know how it happened.⁣

This time, my husband took a half day and I sat in that chair and got my hair done 💁🏼‍♀️ ⁣

I deserved that and so do you. ⁣

And you also deserve to feel good about yourself regardless of how you look. This time of hair loss feels as good a time as any to begin exploring that and I hope you will come along for that ride, too.⁣

(Not for the faint of heart, 👉🏻that second pic was the result of running a brush through my hair *once* in the shower!)⁣


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