Before Kids, I Didn’t Think Twice About What Was In My Products...

Heck — it wouldn’t have been unheard of for me to impulse grab makeup from the bins that lined the aisles of fast fashion stores...

But I no longer do fast fashion, and I definitely don’t do untrustworthy, dirty cosmetics.

After my daughter was born in 2017, I started checking labels. Sunscreen was my starter drug into this obsession:

If her skin was so delicate and precious that she shouldn’t even wear specially formulated sunscreen until six-months-old, I wondered what I had unwittingly been doing to my own skin for years!

I used the drug store stuff during my first postpartum period, but suffered from irritations to ingredients like lanolin... It took me years to even realize that was what had happened!

But once I knew, I couldn’t “un-know”. I fell so deeply into the rabbit hole of the WHY behind being organic, vegan, paraben-free...

Reading 60+ page certification documents & learning that ingredients can come with certification that they have “not been processed with sewer sludge” 🤮

Um, WHAT!!!! That has to be said?

And there are so many misleading labels out there. You can often think you’re buying something fully organic but then you look it up and...

New Moms deserve better.

I knew I wanted to relaunch One Tough Mother with our own line of trustworthy, clean & vegan products...

And I knew I wanted them to be beautiful, fun products that expecting mothers would actually be excited to receive!

Thrive Mama is a celebration of all the most raw, beautiful & miraculous parts of postpartum life — and Mamas deserve it!




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