Who gets sappy on Halloween?

Kristine Sostar McLellan

Today has me thinking of my beloved, late Grandmother. Who gets sappy on Halloween? 🙈⁣

I’m thinking about how she hand-made my costume one year. I picture her, now, bent over her sewing machine creating something for me - me and no one else! - as a way to show me how much love she had.⁣

I certainly didn’t appreciate it then, but I do now.⁣

Just as many of our kids won’t have any concept of the fact that their parents had to work through lunch today to beeline home early; many won’t realize that a store-bought costume was a stretch in their family’s finances; or, they can’t possibly appreciate how tired their parent was as they applied that final coat of spray paint to that especially complicated costume.⁣

But we’re making memories for our kids... Even the ones, like mine, who probably won’t remember this exact Halloween!

Think about it: if trauma has long-lasting ramifications, so, too, will consistent, lifelong acts of love - big and small.⁣

Today feels big and fun, but it’s just as important as the routine of packing their lunches everyday. ⁣

One day they will, like me, look back and appreciate it. And that’s great! But more important, today is part of the many childhood experiences that will help them know: “I am loved.”⁣



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