Traveling with Kids Two and Under Can be Magic... And a Free Airplane Hack Downloable

Know why we almost didn't go on this trip?

Honestly: I was worried about how tricky and expensive it would be with two very young kids.⁣

Before kids, my we spent a decade traveling the world. We’re an airline family! And we continued to do it with our daughter, with trips to Hawaii and Ireland. ⁣

...But for some reason, this time, I almost held back. I guess the thought of two pack-and-plays and a thousand diapers almost scared me off.

But my god am I ever grateful we went. This was our first trip together as a family of four and it was perfect (and not only bc we avoided an unusual snowstorm at home)!⁣

Yes, the travel part is different with kids. I’m not going to say that you’ll enjoy an in-flight movie and glass of wine.⁣

But the vacation part? It’s as magical to to see a new place with your kids as it was before... Honestly, even more so.⁣

Mama’s (and Dada’s): you don’t have to give up your passion for travel just bc you have small kids. Really!!!

To help your next vacation go smoothly, and save you money while you’re at it, I’ve put together a download with my six top airplane hacks for traveling with kids two and under.

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