Today was uplifting.

Kristine Sostar McLellan

For an issue that has long filled me with dread, today felt hopeful.⁣

It was one of those sunny, autumn days in Vancouver that I am convinced is unparalleled. One of those days that begins with great gusts of wind on the sea wall, building to an afternoon that alternates between hot and cold as quick as you can take your jacket off or put it back on.⁣

My little guy, Fionn, and I met up with “Dada” - who took the day off work to attend - at City Hall, and immediately bore witness to teenaged kids expressing their passion, their anger, their seriously sensible pleas.⁣

Halfway through the route (and post-nap!), we picked up our toddler, Rowan, from daycare. Met with smiles from the crowd, she immediately dropped to the middle of the street and enjoyed a snack.⁣

There’s nothing like this concrete, tangible sense that you are part of a world far bigger than yourself. What a perfect day.⁣

After the march, the skies broke open and rained. Hard. Truly Mother Earth showing us what she can do.⁣

Every generation to come deserves to experience a day like today.⁣

But today was about the future. For ourselves and for our children, what action will you take to counteract climate change?⁣


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