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Kristine Sostar McLellan

You know why today is a perfect day to make a BIG announcement?

Because it's also the day that my oldest baby turns three!

It's kind of hard to believe, because I remember those first days and weeks (and months, to be honest) SO clearly. And to be even more honest, they were kind of a fog...

There's no feeling like meeting your baby for the first time. We all talk about that moment because it truly is one of life's joys.

I had a home birth. So in one incredible swoop, my house was turned into a safe place for a baby to be born. Medical equipment suddenly in its place like my house had been preparing for a birth since its first brick was laid down.

I'll never forget holding Rowan for the first time. Her tiny, slick body. It was like I knew her forever and ever and ever already.

But, what about that feeling of being left with a baby alone for the first time? Because that's another thing I'll never forget.

By sunrise that same morning, my entire house looked pristine - as though no small miracle had just taken place. We held Rowan on the couch and watched the sun come up, together as a trio for the first time.

And man, we were fucking terrified.

We could not believe that we were suddenly just supposed to know how to take care of this teeny, tiny little human.

And it wasn't easy. Not by a long shot. The hormones. The painful recovery. The scary, intrusive thoughts.

I'd figure out how to wear a baby wrap so I could sweep the floor while Mom-ing and feel like a literal rock star... Only to end the night with three hours of ceaseless scream-crying that would find me placing the hysterical baby in her bassinet, and locking myself in the bathroom so I could sob on the tiled floor.

I had no idea what was coming. And well, Mama, you deserve far better than that. 

Today, on Rowan's birthday, we launch The Ultimate Postpartum Handbook and offer you 40% off for one day only!!!

Ten incredible postpartum experts weigh in on everything from postpartum recovery and breastfeeding, to infant sleep and hormones (and everything in between).

If you're about to have a baby, or you know someone who is, this is the honestly the easiest way to make sure you or a Mama-to-be you love has all the education she needs to thrive once baby arrives.

If you are, or know a mama-to-be who deserves to be postpartum prepared, click here to get your copy and use code ROWAN to take 40% off TODAY ONLY!


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