Want to help others prepare for an empowered birth?

Kristine Sostar McLellan

We’re looking for people to share their birth stories!

...Because I don’t know about you, but when I found myself pregnant for the first time, the noise was loud💥

Hospital birth! Home birth! Epidural! Vaginal! C-section! Get an induction! Don’t get an induction! Do the sweep! Don’t do the sweep! This puts you at risk! That is dangerous! You have to...

Everyone has an opinion about the “right way” to birth. 🙄

But want to know a secret?

There’s only one thing that matters: whether you are supported on your journey and empowered through education.

We’re building something pretty dang amazing and we want to showcase ALL kinds of experiences.

If you’ve given birth in the last 3 years and are interested in bringing your unique lens to the birth conversation to help others, please email us:

💌 community@imonetoughmother.com

Showcasing births from all walks of life is critical to the birth conversation.

We honour the birth experiences of all, and welcome stories from BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and the disabled communities.

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