Testimonial: Kaitie, Charlotte's Mom

Guest Post

"Our nursery was fully stocked for our daughter, but I totally overlooked my own needs. The Postpartum Care Kit took away the stress. Everything I needed was there." -Kaitie, Charlotte's Mama


First-time Mom Kaitie is a kick ass lawyer and truly one of the smartest people you will ever meet!

As a Mom to her adorable daughter, Charlotte, she is the greatest advocate. This Mom will stop at nothing to break down barriers & make sure Sweet C is always taken care of.

Her story is like that of so many Moms: from the moment we find out we’re going to become mothers, we start to think about our baby’s needs.

Our Postpartum Care Kit is about making sure you are prepared with the items and education you need to thrive in those first few days and weeks...

...But it’s also about setting a tone of self care from those very first moments as a Mom or parent. Plain and simple: the system doesn’t work if your needs aren’t being met.

YOU are so, so important and you deserve love and care, too.

We're your doula and best friend in one holistic kit. We combine clean, vegan postpartum products with the education that helps you thrive. Get your Postpartum Care Kit today.

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