Raise your hand if the whole parenting thing is as perfect and easy as you imagined...

Kristine Sostar McLellan

Okay, maybe none of us thought it would be that easy, but still, I find myself adjusting my expectations every day.

Actually, it’s one of the most liberating things I did. When my son was still only a couple months old and my older kid wasn’t even two yet, I just let go.

It was a nice sunny day and we were driving... One kid started crying and set the other one off and then it was a cacophony of screaming that I could do nothing about from the front seat.

And I just... Accepted it. 

I literally could do nothing to fix it. I realized that my expectation for silence or smooth sailing was setting me up to feel upset/angry when the day didn’t play out that way.

So I just looked out the window and stopped trying to WILL THE NOISE TO STOP. I told myself that I’d deal with it when we got to our destination. 

And that’s kind of it.

That monster pile of laundry eating away at you? Maybe our homes are *supposed* to have sky high piles laundry so we can spend our time tickling our toddlers instead!

Feel like you’ve fallen off the fast track at work? Maybe this is just the season where you focus on your personal growth and happiness!

(And it is just a season.)

When I adjusted my expectations for what everyday should look and feel like, my experience of it just got better.

What have you let go of in early parenting/motherhood in order to be happier?

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