Mother's Day

Kristine Sostar McLellan

On this Mother’s Day I think of my own Mother and of my Mother-in-Law, who together are the reason there could ever exist my darling Rowan.

I think of those nights spent feeding Rowan, who as a newborn refused to eat, with an eye dropper every hour. I repeat: With an eye dropper. Every. Damn. Hour. It’s remarkable to understand that we were all this loved and cared for by our mothers, because we are here.

I think of my friends who are now also Mothers, and how beautifully they’ve grown into the role we cannot help but feel we were born to play. Though sometimes that role is messy, ugly even, so along with the parallel joy, the honesty and support are a life raft.

I think of those who have lost their Mothers, or lost their children, and my heart breaks in a different, horrible way.

And I think (constantly) of my beautiful baby girl, a force in this world and the foundation of mine. To be your Mama, Row, has made me whole.

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