Let’s talk baby nap time 😴 ...Though usually looks a bit more like this: 🤬

Featured Mama

You wouldn’t know it by looking at my little guy's angel face, but as I write this, we are currently on minute twenty of crib-time hysterics!⁣

With my first, I was always trying to follow some program or schedule. It never made a difference and we were both left pretty unhappy. I think my expectations were just sky high.⁣⁣

With my second, I've really come to learn that we can’t have it all. I try to follow his cues more and be a little more “fast and loose” — even though a toddler complicates that sometimes!

Still, I find myself running through the list: he’s fed, he’s changed, he’s fed, he’s changed. He’s just tired so why won’t he sleep? No matter what, it’s hard to be completely zen when we know how important their sleep is for their development, and honestly, their overall happiness.⁣

How do naps go at your house? Comment below, or join the chat on IG: @one_toughmother


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