Hey everyone, breastfeeding is hard!

Kristine Sostar McLellan

There are SO MANY potential challenges: • Low milk supply • Milk flowing too quickly • Tongue tie • Latching issues • Newborn won’t wake to feed • Painful (!) • Getting bitten (!!) • Babies getting distracted • Feeling uncomfortable to feed in public • Not having access to the necessary help • Judgement for stopping too early • Judgement for stopping too late • Pain while pumping • And the list goes on and on!

We’re at a point in our breastfeeding journey where my boy is getting one bottle of expressed milk (and it’s work to produce!) and one bottle of formula.

I’ll admit it. Even though it goes against my true belief, I felt guilty about the formula. Eventually the stress of whether I could produce enough to feed my baby took over and we made the switch, but I felt really embarrassed.

How is this the landscape we’ve created around breastfeeding? So much in parenting is polarizing, but breastfeeding begins at such a vulnerable time in the motherhood journey. Why is the entry to motherhood marked with such judgement?

Seriously, that needs to change. Big time. Breastfeed, formula feed, pump, do a combination, whatever! Your mental health as a mother matters too. In fact it’s paramount.

If breastfeeding didn’t work, don’t be embarrassed to mourn it. And don’t be embarrassed to be relieved, either.

Seriously, and I have to remind myself of this too: your babies are loved and you’re THE BEST at taking care of them. Literally no one could do it better. Whatever you do, it’s the right thing.

How do you feel about it?


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