Healthy kids. That’s what we all want! ⁣

Kristine Sostar McLellan

But as we head into colder days, many of us are concerned about how to keep our littlest ones safe from germs, especially newborns! Below are some practical - and unconventional - tips for staying sane with babies this cold & flu season👇🏼⁣

😷 Have hand sanitizer out & visible⁣

It can be so awkward and difficult to ask guests to wash their hands before holding your new baby. This is totally something people should be doing on autopilot, but it’s not, so we always had a bottle of hand sanitizer out. When someone would ask to hold the baby, we’d say, “Of course! The Purell is right there!” Easy peasy.⁣

🤒 Try to keep perspective.⁣

It’s terrible to see your kid sick, but it’s actually not a completely bad thing. Getting sick is part of building their immune system, especially in that precious first year of life.⁣

🤱🏽 Keep the boob coming!⁣

Whether you’re sick or your baby is sick, there is no need to stop breastfeeding. I wondered this the first time I got sick with my daughter. It turns out that you are even passing extra valuable antibodies to your baby during times of illness! ⁣

That said, beware certain cold medications. Some are not recommended during breastfeeding or are said to lower supply (definitely something I experienced).⁣

And do not stress this one bit if you’re not breastfeeding. At the end of the day, love and cuddles are what sick babies need most, anyway!⁣

🤧 Take care of Mama⁣

Trust me, a sick Mama does not make for a good time. There is nothing harder than being a parent and when you’re sick on top of that, it’s... harrowing. ⁣

Ask for help and accept it when it’s offered. It’s that whole airplane oxygen mask thing: making sure you meet your own needs first.⁣

But sometimes that support network isn’t available. And if that’s you, and you’re in the thick of it with a flu or your baby is feverish, remember to give yourself a metaphorical break. Do literally whatever you need to do (unregulated tv time, for example) to survive. And never, ever feel bad about that. ⁣


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