Happy Mother's Day to all Mama's!

Kristine Sostar McLellan

I like to think that, although it was not actually celebrated, my first Mother’s Day was May 2017 – three months before my daughter was born.

I may not have technically been a “mother” yet, but I was carrying and growing a baby girl. I already knew her, I’d seen her face, she even had a name. I may not have exactly known what it means to parent, but you become a mother the moment you put down the glass of wine and start taking prenatals.

Even at that early point you are making decisions and sacrifices for your baby. Throughout my second pregnancy, I experienced everything from nausea and migraines to Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, which left me unable to walk or step over a shower basin without pain for the last two months.

The reality of becoming a parent hits dads too, of course, but matrescence – becoming a mother – begins far before a baby comes earth side. Mama’s go through nine full months of body and lifestyle changes, not to mention the gazillion overnight pee breaks... 

There’s also the good, the connection that many mothers may feel to their baby throughout. And the kicks – oh, the 2am parties dance parties!

So, this Mother’s Day, remember to acknowledge the Mama’s who, while they are perhaps months from holding their babies in their arms, are already doing the hard work of nurturing and growing a baby. 

And to all Mama’s, it’s an annoying cliché that turns out to be true: this is the hardest job in the world. Happy Mother’s Day, you’re killing it!

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