Exercise, SPD, and Not Accepting Pregnancy Pain As a Given

Kristine Sostar McLellan

Today was our last Mama-Baby spin class at Spin Society.

Exercise during this maternity leave has been so meaningful because it has helped me get back to movement and kept my mental health in a really positive place (so has my chubby baby).⁣

Hard to imagine it’s almost been 10 months, this leave has gone by in a true flash. But it began coming off of an extremely difficult pregnancy.⁣

By the end of my pregnancy with Fionn, walking was excruciating. So was getting in and out of a chair, or bed. Or the car. The shower was impossible without help!⁣

I *wish* I had known to seek out the help of a physiotherapist, to at least alleviate this pain, but our pain can so often be minimized. I figured this was part of the deal.⁣

Turns out I had Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), which is reported in just over 30% of pregnant women. So if you are in a lot of pain during your pregnancy, this could very well be the cause. ⁣

Yeah, some discomfort is unavoidable but don’t just accept pain and suffering as part of the deal!⁣

And if you’re wondering: the pain went away IMMEDIATELY after birth for me. Like, I walked from the birthing pool to my bed and felt less pain *just* after birthing my guy than I had in the months before 😮⁣


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